It’s already the 12th of February. I’m sure a lot of lovers, suitors and husbands (I still hope so) are still on the hunt on what to give ( valentine’s gifts) or where to treat (valentine’s dates) their love ones this coming Valentine’s Day! They say flowers, chocolates, dinner dates and even motel dates are very common nowadays. So if you want to a more memorable Year of the Tiger cum Valentine’s Day, it has to be unique and exceptional to make that extra pogi points. That’s where this post Valentine’s Day Ideas can help you. I’ve compiled some of the best answers asked directly to more than a hundred women out there on what they want this coming Valentine’s Day. I’ve even created categories where these women fall under based on their answers.

High Maintenance Type – these are the type of women who want something expensive. I just hope that their partner can afford these type of gifts. Here are the answers of girls under this category

  • A 35-day tour of Europe
  • a very romantic dinner for two on a fine dining restaurant and an expensive jewelry or perfume to go with it
  • What I wanted for Valentines is implants!
  • Jewelries
  • Overnight stay in Tagaytay’s finest bed and breakfast. 🙂
  • diving, island hopping, road tripping
  • a 32G unlocked jail broken iPhone
  • overnight stay sa pearl farm
  • i wanted to have a vacation in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte
  • i’d love to have cash from him or his credit card so i can shop till i drop
Valentine's Day Ideas
Valentine's Day Ideas

Sweet and Romantic Type – they are the ones that expects a lot of emotional value rather than the monetary value of the gifts. Best if you have the talent and skills.

  • a love letter written from his heart…. i would like to read what he feels and thinks about me.
  • a LOVE letter, something that comes from him heart. A surprise, maybe some balloons or my fave candy bar. And that whole day, i get to be with him
  • A dinner date somewhere we haven’t been before
  • SPA together w/ matching flowers and chocolate
  • i just want to receive a love letter from my boyfriend and of course a bouquet of roses
  • A swimming date

Hard-to-please Type – beware of these type for they want those hard to find, requires a lot of effort and time for a gift. Good luck!

  • cheesecake baked by him
  • pillow boyfriend (from some website, i guess)
  • something funny like the elephant key chains that poop
  • a poem that’ll make me feel so loved and special i wanna cry; or better yet, make it a song and sing it to me on Vday
  • hand drawn portraits (even if you suck at drawing), letters, personalized tumblers.
  • Valentine’s day card made by him
  • a song and dance number!!!
  • a rose but made with paper. like origami long stemmed rose. but the paper is sheet music to say… the girl’s favorite song. A post it with a poem and dinner could be equally awesome 🙂
  • i want a terrarium of carnivorous plants

Understanding and Cowboy Type – these are the best type of gift recipients. They still value common gifts, appreciates even the smallest effort and even symphatize with their partners passion and likes.

  • flowers, or the chocolate
  • flowers and card are enough for me
  • A simple date and sincere words like “I love you.”
  • anything that he can afford or stuff that can make me happy is enough.. like keeping me laugh and feeling secured with his love for me.
  • Bouquet of roses
  • Chocolates or cakes are enough for me. 🙂 It’s better than receiving flowers because they just wilt. Unlike receiving something you could eat, busog ka pa!
  • a PBA semis game or a drive in movie
  • a day tour in Intramuros, food trip in Binondo then… Planetarium at night
  • I’d appreciate it if a guy picks the flowers, instead of just buying a bunch of roses
  • a kiss, a hug and a love letter will do make me feel special. kahit wala ng flowers, chocolates, etc..=)
  • VDs 😀 and lots of popcorn…MOVIE NIGHT! snuggling up on the couch
  • PBA all-star tickets
  • 100 kisses
  • 1 rose 1 kiss
  • Haagen-Dazs ice cream

Nature Lover Type – they want something that is connected with nature

  • A white or black (plain color) dwarf rabbit!
  • just take me to the beach, walk in the sand and just watch the sunset…
  • a nice star gazing at night
  • I actually want a pet from him
  • i want a puppy

Reading these responses gave me some sort of idea what to give my wife Aileen. Hope she gets to appreciate it <cross fingers>

I just have a question, though. If Valentines Day is for lovers, why is it that only the female partner receives the gifts + tender, loving and caring. I would easily understand this if they’re not yet a couple. But if they are, men should also get something. Don’t you agree?

You’re now free to comment and even make that violent reaction! Give me your best shot! Everything is accepted even wrong spellings and grammar, hehe. It’s already 2:29AM.

PS. If you’re planning to send flowers to anywhere in the world, try – deadline of orders is on Feb. 12 for Feb 14 delivery. Another nice site is – lots of choices.

Garry De Castro

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  • February 2010 at 11:25 am

    Hi Madz. Men are actually a lot easier. Personally, matutuwa na ako if I got something like USB drive 8GB up, a cap, a book, car accessories, bag, movie tickets, tool or stuff organizer, socks, wallet, shorts. Kahit nga siguro chicharon bulaklak pwedeng pwede. Bulaklak male version, hehe.

  • February 2010 at 10:58 am

    Garry, honestly, I am expecting gift ideas for men too. Ang hirap kayang magbigay ng gift sa lalake. Pero you had made me affirm my choice – PBA SEMIS ticket!!! Pero ang hirap kayang makakuha nun!!!


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