Sun Life’s Product Solutions

Sun Life's Insurance Products

Sun Life Philippines offers a wide range of financial solutions that are set to fulfill the needs for every important stage in our life. From getting started with simple and affordable protection plans, to building funds with investment-linked products to fulfill life goals. Our product solutions vary from education products and health insurance to retirement plans and investments.

We have life insurance plans to meet your protection and financial needs:

  • Education
  • Preparing for Life Milestones
  • Retirement
  • Income Protection
  • Health Protection
  • Group Life
  • Estate Preservation

These are categorized in general in the following

Term Insurance
A life insurance that provides coverage for only a specific period of time. When the term expires so does the insurance coverage.

  • Sun Safer Life
  • Sun Life Assure
  • Sun Maiden / Sun Maiden Plus

Whole Life / Participating
A protection and savings in one that provides guaranteed cash benefits at specific periods throughout the duration of the policy.

  • Sun Smarter Life (Classic / Elite)
  • Sun Acceler8

Health Related
Special income plan that helps defray the cost of hospitalization

Insurance Riders (Supplementary Benefits) – Supplementary Benefits or Riders are also available to enhance your basic insurance plan.

  • ADB (Accidental Death Benefit) – This benefit pays an additional amount if death is due to accident.
  •  ADDD (Accidental Death, Dismemberment and Disablement Benefit) – It pays an additional amount for death, dismemberment or total disability due to accident.
  •  TDB (Total Disability Benefit) – It waives premiums if the insured becomes totally and permanently disabled.
  •  WPD (Waiver of Premium Upon Death of the Initial Owner) – It waives premiums before attainment of age 21 by the life insured child in case of death of the initial owner.
  •  WPDD (Waiver of Premium upon Death or Disability of the Initial Owner) – It waives premiums before attainment of age 21 by the life insured child in case of total and permanent disability or death of the initial owner.
  •  CIB (Critical Illness Benefit Rider) – It pays an amount when the insured is diagnosed with any of the critical conditions listed in the policy contract.
  •  HIB (Hospital Income Benefit) – It pays a daily hospital income in case of hospitalization of the insured. The daily hospital income doubles in case of confinement in an intensive care unit or confinement due to dread disease.
  •  FCI (Female Critical Illness Benefit) – It provides a percentage of the female benefit amount upon diagnosis of any of the female-specific illnesses listed in the policy contract.
  •  FCM (Female Critical Illness and Maternity Benefit) – In addition to the benefits of Female Critical Illness Benefit, it provides financial assistance upon diagnosis of any of the pregnancy-related complications listed in the policy contract or if insured delivers a child.
  •  Living Benefit Rider – It advances 60% of the face amount, subject to the prior deduction of any outstanding advances (loans) with interest, in case the insured is diagnosed to be terminally ill with a life expectancy of 12 months or less. This is provided with no additional premium. The sum of all Living Benefit Amounts payable on all Sun Life policies of the life insured shall not exceed Ps. 2 Million. Interest is charged on advances, including the Living Benefit amount paid, at a specified rate of interest as declared by the Company.
  •  Safer Life Rider – (5 Year Renewable and Convertible Term) – Safer Life Rider is a non-participating 5-year renewable and convertible term life insurance that can be attached to SUN Smarter Life Classic/Elite Peso 5, 10, and Regular Pay. The rider helps boost the insurance coverage of up to 12 times the face amount of the base plan at a generally lower premium compared to the corresponding premium for increasing the face amount of the basic plan.

Variable Life Insurance (VUL)
A variable life insurance plan that provides financial protection PLUS the flexibility to choose where your premium payments will be invested.

Group Insurance
Insurance plans that can be specially designed to fit the organization’s needs and budget.

Mutual Funds
Mutual funds are ways to invest in stocks, bonds, money markets and other funds without actually buying them yourself. A fund manager handles the our money and invest them in different investment vehicles.