I’ve been receiving quite a number of positive feedback lately on how I look – particularly on loosing weight side – (don’t take it yabang please – walang basagan ng trip, hehe 😀). At first, I thought maybe they just don’t see me very often that’s why they were able to make that comment. However, if most of the people around you are making the same comments, slowly you start to believe that maybe what they’re saying has a merit afterall.

Last week, (Friday) I had to fetch Aileen (my wife) in Clark from her 3 day seminar stint. Ate Rose, upon seeing me, instantly made a comment ‘Garry ang payat mo!’. To me it was like, really? I don’t feel like I’m loosing weight at all, so I told to myself, maybe she just mistaken or something.

Then, Monday this week, we had our Monday Kapihan (that’s how we call our sharing moments in Sunlife). Most of the people there hasn’t seen me for like 2 to 3 weeks I think and most of them also commented that I look thinner the last time they saw me. Uhmmm, could it be that my Power Drink really has this weight loss effect. Of course, I took it as a compliment.

And then, just this morning (Thursday), I had a meeting with my former employer to talk about updating their website, catching up etc. Ate Aida, our former sales executive also commented ‘Garry ang payat mo ngaun’. That’s the time that I was really convinced that it really is my power drink doing all the weight loss thingy.

You see, I’m not really dieting at all. Just this lunch, I ate 1 1/2 rice, half mongo and fried fish. Going home, I ate fried chicken, wanton mami and softdrinks. And before heading to bed, I made ‘papak’ (eat) the leftovers in the table along with Tanduay Ice and Chicharon. So eating less is really out of the picture.

Always eat fresh fruits

So, what am I doing differently? Just taking my power drink every day, first thing in the morning on empty stomach. Nope, it’s not any drug or food supplement that you have to buy. It’s all natural that you can simply buy in the ‘palengke’ (market).

So much for the suspense – it’s just Pure Kalamansi Juice, nothing more. Take note, I’m not the original on this one, it’s Bo Sanchez from his 52 Healing Habits – How to Transform Your Health, in Body and Soul, One Simple and Powerful Habit at a Time!.


How did I get to know that? From my life mentor, no other than Bo Sanchez of course. According to him, his health mentor where he learned this things hasn’t been sick in the last 24 years, imagine that. Here’s an excerpt from his pdf file

Just last January, a group of food scientists proved that mango—in an experiment made in a laboratory fought the cells of breast and colon cancer.

For years, scientists have been saying that bananas are effective against hypertension, depression, digestive problem and a host of other diseases. And ripe bananas have cancer-fighting elements.

For years, pineapples have been known to have powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. Ordinary fruits that we take for granted because they’re so available.

Don’t get me wrong, but the effect of this habit will not happen overnight. It will take some time. Me and my wife Aileen have been doing this Power Drink habit for almost a month now. At our rate, we’re already consuming 28 kalamansi everyday. But don’t worry, you won’t have to start with 28 kalamansi right away.

Here’s how to start this morning habit

Take seven days to adjust to it.
Here’s a simple way of doing it:

  • Day 1: Take 4 pieces.
  • Day 2: Take 8 pieces.
  • Day 3: Take 12 pieces.
  • Day 4: Take 16 pieces.
  • Day 5: Take 20 pieces.
  • Day 6: Take 24 pieces.
  • Day 7: Take 28 pieces.

After the seventh day, you can keep taking this natural Power Drink for the rest of your life.

Four Rules

    • Rule 1: Take it first thing.
      When do you take your Power Drink?
      When you wake up in the morning. This is the first thing you do. Take it on an empty stomach.


    • Rule 2: Take it pure.
      Don’t add water or sugar. If you do, it becomes acidic and thus loses a lot of its healing effect on your body.


    • Rule 3: Take it green.
      For greater effect, get the green calamansi, not the yellow ripe ones. This is also the reason why you can’t buy calamansi for a whole week’s consumption. Or they’ll ripen and become yellow. Try to buy for two or three days only each time, so you always take the green ones.


  • Rule 4: Don’t take anything else for an hour. After taking your Morning Power Drink, take a walk, pray, read your Bible, write your journal, go to Mass, etc. Do whatever you want to do, just don’t eat breakfast yet. Let the calamansi juices do its work in your body for an hour.
    After an hour, take your breakfast.

My first reaction when I first learned that you have to take it pure first thing in the morning was that, ‘Ang sakit siguro sa sikmura nun?’ But it didn’t, really. The only thing I felt is ‘maasim’ (sour) after you took it. It’s like taking a shot of wine. If you take it in one quick shot, you’ll only get the taste in the end.

For you to be able to relate and be convinced, here’s the original document from Bo Sanchez’ –

Should you want to know more of the rest of the healing habits, you may check his website – 52 Healing Habits – How to Transform Your Health, in Body and Soul, One Simple and Powerful Habit at a Time!

You may download it and print it.  – Download now!

Garry De Castro

Garry De Castro is a personal finance advocate, Financial Advisor, Certified Investment Solicitor (Mutual Fund Representative), investor, stock market trader, blogger, and IT practitioner. He started sharing and writing financial articles 2008 just to share his financial learnings to friends, relatives and anyone who wishes to be financially independent.


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