I read this Math problem in one of my FB group and was curious about the different answers of those who commented. I retyped the same Math Problem in my Facebook wall and was delighted by the different answers and explanations of those who commented.

Below is the Math question –

How smart are you?…

A lady walks in the store and steals P100 from the register without the owner’s knowledge.

She comes back 5 mins later and buys P70 worth of goods with the P100 bill. The owner gives her P30 in change, how much did the owner lose???

  1. P30
  2. P70
  3. P100
  4. P130
  5. P170
  6. P200

There was a total of 81 comments (according to the stats). Here are some of the interesting answers

The longest answer with matching illustration


What’s the correct answer?

If you answered C, then you’re correct.

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