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Hi and welcome to my personal site My Financial Advisor PH.

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I’m Garry De Castro. I’m a full-pledged, licensed Sun Life Financial Advisor (since 2008), Sales Manager, SEC-Certified Investment Solicitor (Mutual Fund Representative)  and a graduate of Registered Financial Planner Philippines (RFP). I made this site to be the go-to-guide for Filipinos looking for more information about Sun Life Insurance, Mutual Funds, VUL etc.

This is my personal collection of articles I’ve written, read and shared in social media as a reference to Sun Life Policy Holders and Investors.

Humble Beginning

My Sun Life journey started way back 2008.  By profession, I’m an IT Manager developing websites. After attending several financial planning seminars, I decided to create a blog about personal finance – Financial Planning Philippines.  Basic idea is that, I just want to simply document my learnings and share these to my friends and relatives and at the same time, earn from it thru Google Adsense.

Little did I know that it will open up bigger and brighter opportunities. Thru my blog, I got invited to attend this Sun Life Business Opportunity Forum (currently called Live Brighter Forum). Here, they discussed the idea on How to be a Sun Life Financial Financial Advisor. I was hesitant at first since I was working full-time as a Web Manager in an Australian-managed web development company in Makati. But then again, I said to myself, “why not try”, I got nothing to lose anyway.

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The Break

In 2011, a personal finance TV show in GMANews TV was launched called “Pesos and Sense”. As an avid personal finance fan, my eyes were glued on the show.

I would always tune in and share whatever learnings I get to my blog. In their Facebook Page that time, I was one of the most visible profile answering most of the questions. Call it luck or what, that setup was my ticket to get invited to appear on the show as a resource person.

Below is the episode where I appeared in the show with host Aya Laraya.

source: Youtube.com Pesos and Sense channel

The exposure paved the way and gave me the needed motivation to pursue a full-time career in Sun Life. In 2012, I got promoted as Manager Candidate and become a Unit Manager the year after. And in 2019, I was promoted to Sales Manager.


Dreamer Unit Awards
Some of the activities and awards of Team Dreamer
Dreamer Team - Sun Life
Team Dreamer in one of the team building activities in Laguna
Dreamer Team of Sun Life
Dreamer Team in Pradera Verde (team building) last July 7-8, 2018


Dreamer Sales Team
Dreamer Sales Team

Over the years, here are some of the notable awards and recognition I got from Sun Life


Advisor Level

  • 2010 August Champions, Gold
  • 2011 August Champions, Gold
  • 2012-2013 Macaulay Club, Silver
  • 2013 Love Month, Gold
  • 2013 Presidents Month, Bronze
  • 2013-2014 Macaulay Club, Silver
  • 2013 International Quality Awardee
  • 2014 Summer Campaign, Bronze
  • 2014 August Champions, Gold
  • 2014 President’s Month, Silver
  • 2014-2015 Macaulay Club, Bronze
  • 2014 International Quality Awardee
  • 2015 Love Month, Gold
  • 2015 Summer Campaign, Bronze
  • 2015 August Champions, Gold
  • 2015 President’s Month, Silver
  • 2015-2016 Macaulay Club, Bronze
  • 2015 International Quality Awardee
  • 2016 Summer Campaign, Bronze
  • 2016 August Champions, Silver
  • 2016 President’s Month, Silver
  • 2016-2017 Macaulay Club, Bronze
  • 2016 International Quality Awardee
  • 2017 Summer Campaign, Bronze
  • 2017 August Champions, Bronze

Field Manager Level

  • 2013 Presidents Month, Bronze
  • 2014 Summer Campaign, Bronze
  • 2014 August Champions, Bronze
  • 2014 Triple A – Basic Qualifier
  • 2015 Love Month, Gold
  • 2015 Summer Campaign, Silver
  • 2015 August Champions, Gold
  • 2015 President’s Month, Gold
  • 2015 Triple A Unit Manager
  • 2016 Love Month, Bronze
  • 2016 Summer Campaign, Gold
  • 2016 August Champions, Gold
  • 2016 President’s Month, Silver
  • 2017 Love Month, Bronze
  • 2017 Summer Campaign, Silver
  • 2017 August Champions, Gold
  • 2017 President’s Month, Gold
  • 2018 Triple A Unit Manager

Now I handle a team of equally passionate Financial Advisors coming from different areas of Metro Manila and Luzon Area and still expanding to different parts of the Philippines.

About Sun Life

Sun Life Financial (SLF) is an international leader in protection and wealth management with key operations in Canada, US, UK, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, India, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Bermunda. AS of December 31, 2014, the Sun Life Financial group of companies had total assets under management of CDN$734 Billion.

In the Philippines, Sun Life Financial is in the business of life insurance, mutual funds, pension, and educational plans, represented by the following three entities: Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) Inc. (SLOCPI) which pioneered life insurance in the Philippines in 1895; Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI) which manages the mutual funds business; and Sun Life Financial Plans, Inc. (SLFPI) which administers the company’s pension and educational plans. Sun Life in the Philippines has over a million group and individual policy holders and continues to help Filipinos achieve lifetime financial security.

Visit our website: www.sunlife.com.ph

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