How to Become a Sun Life Financial Advisor


I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries on the process on how to become a Sun Life Financial Advisor, what are the procedures and if it’s really worth it to try even on a part-time basis.

As I always say, it’s a case to case basis. I can only share my own experiences for being a Sun Life Financial Advisor for nearly 10 years since 2008 and Sun Life Unit Manager since 2013.

Let me answer these questions in this article and in case you’d want to try an alternative career as a part-time, who knows, maybe you can go full-time like what I did. And maybe you can also be part of our winning team.

I also created this short video that will give you a glimpse on my personal experience as a Sun Life Financial Advisor

How to become a Financial Advisor – The Complete Guide

Realizations Why You Should Look for Alternative Career

I’ve been a Web Developer since I graduated from college. While it’s a good paying job, it’s like I’m missing something. I’m getting more than what I need, that’s given. But it’s like being in a place where you don’t belong. I’m more like doing something that I don’t enjoy.

Later on, I realized I’m not making any impact. I wanted something more. I wanted to influence more on people. Good thing that the good Lord led me to where I am now.

  • Here’s a video I found on Youtube by Rob Dial discussing “Why You Should Quit Your Job”
  • If you’re a millennial and looking for a high-paying job, here are the 9 highest-paying jobs for young people. Guess what’s on top of the list? (click the photo to go to the article)

highest paying jobs

  • Sometimes, you just really have to take some risks.


Why Should You Become A Sun Life Financial Advisor?

Becoming a Sun Life Financial Advisor is one of the most underrated career one can think of. Let’s be honest, when I was young, no one has ever dreamed of becoming a Sun Life Financial Advisor. Or should I say Sun Life Insurance Agent. It is only recent that the image of a Sun Life Advisor has been uplifted or at least in my perspective.

Personally, I never ever imagined myself to be in this kind of career ever. But the feeling is totally satisfying once you’ve made an impact on someone else’s life.

If I’m going to summarize, here are my top reasons why should you become a Sun Life Financial Advisor.

  1. PURPOSEFUL AND FULFILLING CAREER – It’s one of the most noble and fulfilling profession.  As a Financial Advisor, we make a positive difference by helping other people become financially secure, achieve their dreams and goals in life.
  2. FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE – Have you ever experienced missing an important family gathering because of your work? Or maybe having an unapproved leave because you have to finish that work of yours.

    I must say that this is one of my biggest “Why” I love being a Sun Life Financial Advisor.

    In my nearly 10 years as a Sun Life Financial Advisor, I’m very proud to be able to do the following

    • I have never missed a single School Field Trip of any of my 2 kids.
    • I have always attended school programs like Nutrition Month, Buwan ng Wika, Holloween Party, Sportsfest, school campings etc.
    • I don’t have to file Sick Leaves or Vacation Leaves whenever I feel not working.
    • We can always easily book on any date whenever there’s an Airfare Seat Sale.

    Basically, you control your own time. It’s a career that gives you the freedom to choose your working days and hours. But don’t expect that it’s ok not to work. Your productivity will always depend on the amount of work you allotted.

  3.  YOU CAN PURSUE YOUR BIGGEST DREAMS – When was the last time you had a raise? When will be the next one? How much are you expecting in case you got a promotion?

    This is one of those careers that you can earn your full year’s salary in just one month. I myself wouldn’t believe it before until you finally experience it yourself.You are compensated on the amount of work you put in – your compensation is relative to the efforts you put in your work. You can even have bonuses every month, not just your usual 13th month pay.

    As my manager always say, if you will devote the same time you’re doing with your full time job in Sun Life, I assure you,  you can easily earn your first million in just a year.

  4. PERSONAL FULFILLMENT AND RECOGNITION – Job satisfaction of Financial Advisors is at 97% . You get instant recognition for doing great work.

    In Sun Life, we have a lot of recognition and awards like

    • Branch / Unit monthly recognition
    • Branch Quarterly Recognition
    • At least 4 Awards Day/Night per year.

    Check any tenured Financial Advisors social media account and most likely you will see a lot of awards, medals and prizes they’ve received.

  5. FREE LOCAL AND INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL – When was the last time your company gave you a travel trip for FREE? Most of the time, you only get to travel for business reasons. And if that’s the case, you travel and still work on your destination.

    Lucky if you have yearly team buildings but these usually have workshops and discussions. In Sun Life, you can travel the world in Style and for FREE.If you’re a Travel junkie, just by doing the required amount of production, you can travel at least 3 times a year for FREE, not just local but International trips as well.

TV Commercials on being a Sun Life Financial Advisor

Sun Life Philippines’ released some TV commercials depicting how it is to be a Sun Life Financial Advisor.

Moments Sun Life TVC

Full-time mom / Full-time Sun Life Advisor


What are the Steps to become a Sun Life Financial Advisor?

Here are some of the steps that you need to do or accomplish to be a Sun Life Financial Advisor.


As an overview, you’ll basically need a personal computer or laptop and stable internet connection for the online trainings. In terms of monetary investment or capital, you must be willing to invest P5,500  for the exam fees, licensing and notarization fees.

Step-by-step procedures

  • Interview & Documentation
  • Online Training for Traditional Insurance (finish in 1 week or less)
  • Online Training for Variable Life Insurance (finish in 1 week or less)
  • Online  Training for Sun Life Training Course (SLTC) (finish in 10 days or less) OR 3 Days Classroom-Type Training (8.30am-5pm, no weekend schedule)
  • Licensing Exam in the Insurance Commission (P2,020 pesos fee for the 2 exams needed) – Trad Life and VUL. Payments must be settled at least 2 weeks before the exam.You must pass both exams; 70% passing rate for each exam – 50 items each. You may retake the exam in case you failed but you need to pay the exam fees again.The exam permit needs 2 2×2 pictures with collar, yellow background.NBI or Barangay clearance is needed to take the exam.
  • Submit Licensing / Documentary Requirements
  • Attend Contract Signing (8:30-12nn) every Wednesdays not unless cancelled
  • Coding

Licensing / Documentary Requirements that we need to submit

  1. 1 x 1 pictures with colar, yellow background (4pcs)
  2. Latest (previous year) filed ITR BIR Form 1700, 1701, 1702 or 2316; If no available, letter explaining why there is no ITR, addressed to the Insurance Commission
  3. Photocopy of TIN ID. If none, ITR will do.
  4. Photocopy of SSS ID or Personal Data Form (online) or E1. UMID not acceptable
  5. NBI Clearance (Original Copy)
  6. Photocopy of clearance from immediate previous employer if unemployed or Photocopy of ID if currently employed
  7. Certificate of Authority (CA) Application Forms – duly notarized (to be supplied by Sun Life)
  8. If currently a government employee, letter from management of the government office (using letterhead) allowing to sell life insurance while employed
  9. Licensing fees for Traditional Life and VUL – Payment of P3,090 license fees and P400 pesos notarization fees – good for 3 years already.
  10. Medical exam, for 40y/o and above, for benefits coverage will be done after Coding
  11. Additional documents might be required upon request.

What are the benefits / perks of a Sun Life Financial Advisor

When I was new in this career, I never thought that I would actually enjoy being part of Sun Life Financials. I have never imagined that this will be one of the most fulfilling in terms of personal satisfaction because of your impact to other people but to my family as well.

Here are some of the things I’ve been enjoying so far

  1. Health care benefits (HMO)
  2. FREE Group Life Insurance
  3. Provident / Retirement Plan (after 2 years)
  4. Housing Loan program
  5. Car Loan program
  6. Monthly / Quarterly / Year end Awards and recognition
  7. Monthly Bonus
  8. Team building
  9. Travel incentives every quarter
  10. Free concerts, musicals (sometimes)
  11. Clothing incentives

What to expect once you’re a Sun Life Financial Advisor

You might say, if Sun Life Career is that good, why isn’t that so popular?

Just like what Peter Parker (Spiderman) says, “With great powers, comes great responsibilities”. In Sun Life, “with great rewards, comes great efforts”.

Here are some of the things to expect once you’ve become a Sun Life Financial Advisor

  1. It’s a Sales Career – since it’s a sales career, please expect that you will be asked to offer Sun Life’s Insurance and Investment solutions, plain and simply.
  2. There will be a lot of Trainings – in your journey to greatness, you will be required to study and attend Free and Paid seminars. As Financial Advisors of Sun Life, we must be always updated with the latest happenings in the Finance Industry as well as the changes in the company’s offerings.
  3. Regularly attend meetings – Sun Life Financial Advisors are required to attend Branch Meetings. Some branches have weekly schedule. Good thing our branch meeting is scheduled only once a month. On top of branch meetings, there will also be Unit Meetings, Sales Team Meetings etc.
  4. There are validation requirement – to keep your license as Sun Life Financial Advisor, you will need to meet the validation requirement set by the Branch or by the company. This differ from branches to branches.
  5. Career path – from being a Financial Advisor, you can climb your way up to different promotions. Next to Financial Advisor is Manager Candidate then Unit Manager. From Unit Manager to Sales Manager and eventually to being a Branch Manager.

Join our Dynamic and Winning Team

Sun Life Financial’s sales force is composed of different branches nationwide.  Inside a branch, there are Sales Team/s and Units. These Sales Team and Units are then composed of Financial Advisors.

Meet our team – Dreamer Team.

Team Dreamer is composed of around 40+ professionals with age ranging from 21-42 coming from different industries like Finance, IT, BPO, Medical etc.

Dreamer Team - Sun Life
Picture taken in one of our Sales Team Teambuilding in Laguna last Aug 27, 2018
Dreamer Sun Life Team
During one of our Learning sessions, teaching them about Facebook and Blog Marketing
Dreamer Team of Sun Life
Dreamer Team in Pradera Verde (team building) last July 7-8, 2018
Wacky Dreamer Financial Advisors
Christmas party last Dec 2017. The theme was Oscars Award’s Night
Dreamer Unit Awards
Some of the activities and awards of Team Dreamer

We’re on the lookout for people who aspire to help others by way of financial literacy. You don’t have to be an expert or graduate with honors (but that’s an advantage) as long as you have the right attitude, obedient, competitive and ambitious. Sun Life will provide the training and skills.

If you want to join our team of Financial Advisors, please do the following

      1. Fill up the form below OR send a copy of your Resume/CV to
      2. As soon as you send your Resume/CV, send me a PM (private message) on FB Messenger (
      3. Watch the video that I will send you and if in the end you still want to give it a try, we’ll do an online interview via Zoom.

Garry De Castro, CIS
Financial Advisor  since 2008 / Sales Manager, Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) Inc.
15F Frabelle Business Center
Rada St, Legazpi Village Makati City, Phils
Mobile/Viber:  0922 8978077