How to Add/Change Beneficiaries to your Sun Life Policies

One of the commonly asked questions after you got your Sun Life Policy/ies is how to add or change beneficiaries. Usually, these are brought by reasons like getting married, having additional children or demise of assigned beneficiaries.

Here are the requirements that you need to submit to any Sun Life Store or to your Sun Life Financial Advisor.

  1. Non Financial Amendment Form (NFAF) – you may download the form click here
  2. Valid ID of policy owner/authorized signatory
  3. If beneficiary/ies is assigned as Irrevocable, Valid ID of Irrevocable beneficiary/ies
  4. If Beneficiary is Bank/Company, Corporate Secretary Certificate
  5. Certified True Copy of Marriage Certificate if surname of designating spouse is different from the policy owner.
  6. Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR – NSO Issued) for beneficiary and policy owner if relationship is “common-law-spouse”
  7. Other applicable document/s, if necessary

Note: Consent of  IRREVOCABLE BENEFICIARY/IES is required.

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Garry De Castro

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